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Week 16 (part one of two): Edmonton @ Toronto - The Road Trip Continues

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    Originally posted by bombervu View Post

    Won't hang it on him but he reminds me of Charles Roberts.
    I see a bit of John Avery as well. When he finds a seam, or you get him some open field, he can make teams pay, but he won't be able to pound through yards in a scrum, so you likely need to also have a heavy power back for some of the short yard situations.
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      Originally posted by Sectionq View Post

      I agree with you. I looked up the stats, another 3 picks. He's got 10. Maybe he could be a back up but I am not seeing a starter there.
      You know another EE QB who threw a lot of picks? Danny Mac. The difference is, while he threw a lot of picks, he was clutch. He threw for a ton of yards and he won games. Cornelius is none of those things.


        Originally posted by Hugoagogo View Post
        I was really hoping to see Dante Brown off the PR and doing some kicking for us in this final stretch. Our kickers are 36 and 31 years-old, and while both of them appear to have years left, at some point we need to groom the next one.
        I think Saxelid is worth his contract and a keeper considering how versatile he is.
        I'm thinking James Wilder, Derel Walker and Greg Ellingson are all gone next season.
        Elizondo is so damn clueless , he and Brock have to go no questions so sick with this once proud franchise